stay young

12 Natural Foods That Make You Look Younger by Improving Health

We often spend thousands of rupees on treatments and cosmetics for maintaining youthful appearance. But how many of us know the real secret of staying young? We will share with you the best natural foods to look younger, which are perfectly natural and devoid of any harmful effects or chemicals. Top Natural Foods that Make […]

Pineapple health benefits

Potent Health Benefits of Eating Fresh Pineapple (Ananas)

The first thing that we remember when someone takes the name Pineapple is the yellow orange fruit with prickles. As a kid, it was one of my mouth watering fruit. Pineapple in Hindi is known as Ananas. Whereas the scientific name of Pineapple fruit is Ananas comosus. Pineapple is a tropical fruit that everyone knows, […]

Apple cider vinegar how to use and benefits

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Growth?

Many of us may not know what is Apple Cider Vinegar? How to use it? How can you make apple vinegar at Home? Benefits of apple vinegar? Where you can buy? Although you might have heard about it but didn’t give a try. May be after reading this article about Apple Cider Vinegar you might […]

honey natural skin bleaching home remedies

How to Make Natural Bleach for Face at Home

No More Bleaching Chemicals! Some Natural Bleaching for You If we can all agree on one thing, it would definitely be our hate towards dark circles and face marks. Not only are they annoying, but also tend to bring down our confidence. Due to stress or excessive exposure to sun, our skin is not at […]

Chemical Depilaory pros and cons

Hair Removal 101: The Pros and Cons to Different Hair Removal Methods

There are plenty of ways to remove your body hair. You can shave it off, you can get it waxed, you can even go for long-lasting laser hair removal! However, the big question is, which one’s the best for me? Let’s explore the popular options and break down hair removal once and for all. Pros […]

Fashion tips for college boys

How to Dress for College: Styling Tips for Boys

You may have read so many articles on fashion for girls, but what about boys? Do you think they know what it takes to be a showstopper? Maybe yes maybe not. We have brought to you some of the sensational outfits that boys can wear to their college, and bring that chocolatey chap or hunky […]