benefits of ice for face

Learn the Immense Benefits of Ice on Skin and Face to Keep You Energetic

An ice cube is not simply to chill your favourite beverage. It has plenty of health benefits that probably you are not aware about. Some of the benefits of ice on skin are soothing sunburns, pimples, and skin inflammation. A face massage with ice cubes can improve your complexion by better blood circulation. It also […]


9 Best Beauty Benefits of Eggs for Skin and Hair

Considered as super foods for health, the protein-rich eggs are household item for breakfast and meals. However, not many know the bounty of health benefits of eggs. These have a plenty of plus-points for hair and skin health. Egg masks when applied to hair and skin can enhance their quality. The Lutin in the eggs […]


Squiggly Eyebrows- See inside What Women are Going Mad About

Talk about twists and turns, the big brow trend of squiggly eyebrows has taken over the fashion world when Promise Tamang, the beauty influencer uploaded pictures of her squiggly shaped-brows onto her Instagram account. She is said to be inspired by someone who had photo shopped their face with squiggly brows. But, this flashy eyebrow […]