hair care tips in rainy

Top 4 Hair Care Tips in Rainy Season

Wet, set and go. Monsoon is already around the corner and although you are happy to finally stop bathing yourself in sunscreen lotion every morning, step out in all black again and finally stop worrying about all the hair damage due to the heat, you are also in for a whole new lot of problems […]


How to Get Rid of Cake Face: 4 Common Causes and its Solution

Who does not dread a cake face, but many women have been there. There are few easy ways to avoid this common makeup mistake. Here are four major causes of cake face, and we will tell you the remedy for them, or better yet, how to avoid cake face all together. Dry Skin May Cause […]

Simple tips for beauty face

Simple Beauty Secrets For Glowing Skin

The first impression is the best impression. But only the way you have dressed yourself up and styled your hair is not enough. Your skin speaks a lot about you than you think. It simply states-‘If I can care enough about myself, then I can obviously care enough about everything around me.’ Also, it is […]


Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair & Skin

Castor Oil is obtained from squeezing the seeds of castor oil plant aka Ricinus communis. It has properties like anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, hence castor oil is used to treat almost all kinds of skin, hair and health related problems. You can easily find it online as well as it is available in many physical […]