Apple cider vinegar how to use and benefits

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Growth?

Many of us may not know what is Apple Cider Vinegar? How to use it? How can you make apple vinegar at Home? Benefits of apple vinegar? Where you can buy? Although you might have heard about it but didn’t give a try. May be after reading this article about Apple Cider Vinegar you might […]

how to get thick long hair naturally

How to Get Thick Long Hair Fast Naturally

“You think you are fooling anyone with that top-knot?” Now that hound has outed us all in the much awaited got premiere, its high time we all crawled out of our messy bun cave and started some serious damage control. But unlike unlucky, poor old Thoros, we have already done some research for you. Due […]

hair care tips in rainy

Top 4 Hair Care Tips in Rainy Season

Wet, set and go. Monsoon is already around the corner and although you are happy to finally stop bathing yourself in sunscreen lotion every morning, step out in all black again and finally stop worrying about all the hair damage due to the heat, you are also in for a whole new lot of problems […]


Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair & Skin

Castor Oil is obtained from squeezing the seeds of castor oil plant aka Ricinus communis. It has properties like anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, hence castor oil is used to treat almost all kinds of skin, hair and health related problems. You can easily find it online as well as it is available in many physical […]