Celebs outfits at Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma’s reception

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s fairytale wedding can easily be termed as the wedding of the year. Indian cricket Captain and Bollywood’s ace actress made a beautiful power couple. Image Source : Ndtv After their hush-hush wedding at Tuscany in Italy and grand reception at Delhi which had Prime minister Narendra Modi in attendance. This newlywed […]

Home Remedies for Heel Pain in Morning

11 Easy and Effective Home Remedies for Heel Pain in the Morning

Foot pain or heel pain is one of the most distressing conditions that disrupts the lives and normal activities of people belonging to any age group, sometime or the other. Image Source : Sumofusstudio What Cause Heel Pain? “Edi ka Dard”, heel pain in Hindi, can be prevented by losing weight as excess weight puts excess […]


15 Winter Clothes and Accessories for Men to Keep You Warm and Appealing

Want to protect yourself from the cold of winter, yet look handsome and alluring? Follow the most-awaited clothes and accessories for winter this 2017. Winter Clothes for Men: Check what is New 1. Puffer Vests- Reveal True Confidence Image Source: Winter puffer vests are suitable on every person, be it a minimalist businessman, retro hippie […]


Get Retro and Bohemian with All About You- Winter Fashion Collection by Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone has launched her own fashion label brand, ‘All About You’, which embraces cosy and comfortable in one fabric. All About You is a fashionable autumn and winter collection of 2017, introduced by Deepika Padukone. It has a variety of clothing from tops, kurtis, to dresses and more. From jacquards, denims, hammered satin, woollens […]


Makeup Hacks, Natural Foods, and Face Exercises for Achieving a Perfect Jaw Line by Reducing Double-chin

A smart jutting jaw line or shapely jaw line adds on to the beauty of your face. But, many of us have double-chin, which can overlap a smart jaw line. Losing that extra flab in chin area can however, bring back the jutting chin. There are several treatments to reduce double-chin, which include Micro Liposuction, […]

Red Cherries

Healthy Fruits Inspired by 9 Colors of Navratri Festival That Will Add Punch to Your Diet

Navratri is a festival in India, which is celebrated over nine days and nights in honor of Goddess Durga and her nine forms. People celebrate Navratri by keeping fast, holding Garba and Dandiya nights. But, the most exuberant characteristic of this festival is that through these nine days, people deck up in dresses of unique […]


7 Health Benefits of Tender Coconut Water to Revitalize Your Body

Image source: Not only refreshing and delicious, tender coconut is known for powerful health benefits. It is also a low-calorie natural beverage and packed with enzymes, antioxidants, manganese, amino acids, minerals, vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, zinc, calcium, iron and a lot more. It is known to boost immune system. Containing cytokinins hormones, this health […]


Is Pasta Good for Health? 5 Reasons to Say Yes

ImageSource: Pasta, a staple of many European nations, is also popular in Indian kitchens. It is often combined with vegetables and meat to form scrumptious meal. Many of us wonder, if pasta is good for health or not, and the answer is- it has immense health benefits when eaten in modest amounts and when complemented […]