muscle -soreness

How to Ease Muscle Soreness in 4 Wacky yet Simple Ways?

“My body is aching, I can’t move an inch lest go to the gym today”, have not we all said that on the first few days of gym class or a hardcore exercise regime when our muscles feel sore? Well, as Rome was not built in a day, a fitness guru too takes some trying […]

Broccoli health benefits

The Secret Broccoli Health Benefits That You Must Know

Did you ever have vegetable salad, which had a strange greenish-cauliflower-type looking veggie in it? The food item in question has great health benefits, and known as broccoli. It is a cruciferous vegetable rich in minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Nutritionists say that the best way to eat broccoli is to boil it than having the […]