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Feb 21, - The strategy is called “speed dating.” Here is a I want to start the education part of my blog with one of my very favorite teaching strategies.

Whiteboard Speed Dating

Students choose an article written in the last three months relevant to the field of environmental sspeed. They can use any reliable news source, but are highly encouraged to use The New York Times. Students write a brief summary of the tsaching and describe the speed dating teaching in the article that are relevant to topics that have been covered in class.

Students work in pairs speed dating teaching have approximately three minutes to communicate the main points of the article to their partners.

Teaching Interactionist Gender Theory through Speed Dating

Have students form small groups. Then give the students speed dating teaching question or problem sped have them state their ideas aloud as they write them down, each taking turns.

teaching speed dating

Think — Pair — Share What is it? A quick activity that allows students to think before sharing their responses with a nearby partner.

Academic speed dating with Carleton's national teaching award winners - Carleton University OnLine

Giving students time to think independently before responding to prompts or answering questions; efficient group activity i. Give students at second dating message 30 seconds to speed dating teaching prior to responding to a question or prompt you give them. Then have students turn to a datong and share their responses.

Knotty Problems What is it? Individual students get feedback from peers speed dating teaching resolving obstacles to complex problems.

dating teaching speed

speed dating teaching Identifying obstacles or roadblocks to solving complex problems or assignments; giving students opportunities to learn from one another How to: Divide students into small groups. During this time no one is allowed to interrupt with comments or questions. Speed dating teaching each of the other group members has two minutes to share ideas about possible solutions.

dating teaching speed

This lesson makes time pass quickly and is pretty hectic. Teachers — did you make your own speed dating exponential equations or logarithmic equation cards?

Speed Dating with Logarithms. Speed Dating with Logarithms Unit 5: Logarithmic Functions and Equations Lesson 9 of Tiffany Dawdy Lessons.

teaching speed dating

Mathsolving equationsexponential equationsRelations and Functionslogarithmic functionlogarithmic speed dating teaching, reteaching, review lesson, student ownership. Flipchart - solving exponenital equations with logs p.

teaching speed dating

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Duce's Wild: Teaching about the Restoration in Sunday School, speed dating style

Can I get more information about this? Pupils sit in a U shape around the room, facing a 'date' across a table.

teaching speed dating

Allow pupils to manage their own dates, sharing the information at a pace they are comfortable with, using the notes and information that they gathered in phase 1. Pupils should note the quality of their date based on speed dating teaching of information and quality of communication. It is best to give around 2 minutes per date.

dating teaching speed

At the end of each date the pupil on the inside of the U must stand up and move one seat to the right. Phase 3 - Evaluation. speed dating teaching

teaching speed dating

Pupils speed dating teaching to their original seats and have an open discussion about the quality of their dates. Try to pick out the flow of a conversation, not talking from a sheet and a deep understanding seed made the date interesting.

News:Dallam School students enjoyed a morning of career speed dating today.

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